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Roof Cleaning Hobart

Roofs are highly vulnerable to moss, lichen and mould. If left untreated, moss and mould can bring in mositure and produce spores that degrade the roof. This creates a musty and stale smell throughout the house and attracts germs which can lead to illness. 

Untreated mould can degrade timber quickly, making roofs a hazard rather than a safe shelter to be under. 

At Gutter Cleaning Hobart, we do excellent work in washing your roofs. We apply a soft wash method which saves water but also doesn’t damage your roof.  We promise no chips on your roof even when it’s just been painted!

Roof Cleaning before and After

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Why Choose Our Roof Cleaning Service?

Soft Clean over Hard Cleans

Gutter Cleaning Hobart deploys a soft-pressure wash to your roofs instead of a high-pressure wash. We do this to prevent any damage but also save on water.

Comprehensive Services

We extend our services beyond roof cleaning to encompass residential gutter cleaning  throughout Hobart. With full insurance coverage, our customers can trust us with the care of their roofs and gutters. We’ll leave no mould, moss or lichen on top of your roofs and apply our own spray that reduces the growth of these bacteria.

Trusted Service Provider

With our services covering most of Hobart, Gutter Cleaning Hobart is your go-to for residential roof cleaning needs. We’ve had many clients leave us alone at their homes to clean their roofs! We promise to give you peace of mind and respect your privacy, all we need is access to your roof!

Mark and the rest of the team were great. Gave us an accurate quote and offered to fix a detached bolt on my gutter for free! Definitely coming back!


Happy to give these guys a 5 star review. Amazing customer service and quality. Thanks guys for the amazing work to our gutter and roof in prestine condition!

– The Thompson’s

Mark not only cleaned our gutter but replaced old screws. He asked if I wanted my solar panels cleaned too, and I did not hesitate to say yes. Thank you guys!

– Chloe

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